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Seamus went ahead and bought a single coach ticket despite his size. It's going to be extremely uncomfortable for him (he's 6'6" and a big guy) but that means we'll get to spend ten days together in October

I'm very excited. I want to show him around Paris, the places where I used to go as a kid, my old schools, etc. I also want my friends to have the opportunity to meet him, as he works so much he won't be able to make the trip often.

It's so weird... it seems like life so often shifts from high to low and then the other way. Right now things seem to click into place (I got offers for translations, although unpaid but still really good for my portfolio, I'll get to see Seamus before the end of the year, I'm healthy and Raga should have sent the divorce stuff by now). And some other times it's the opposite and it feels everything that could go wrong does.
But what makes me happy is how we can go through the bad times and end up closer and loving each other more. I think that's how you can tell when you're part of a strong relationship.
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