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Another crucial part of my practice is what we might call "reframing". Reframing is seeing and understanding something in a new light. If we're largely run by our conscious and unconscious beliefs (which we are, it seems to me) and we haven't significantly evaluated those beliefs for truth or falsity or their effects on our life experience, we're in deep doo-doo. Why? Because the odds are that we have been run by really crappy beliefs which we have adopted without question or even observant consent. We've absorbed a lot of them osmotically from the culture, our parents, religious institutions and schools.... Most of them are the very DNA of lack stories and lack dramas. Gently, self-honestly, a little at a time, dig these stories and dramas up and ask if they are happy dramas or if they are true stories. Catch yourself in the act of re-enacting them and decide for yourself (only you can!) whether you want to keep repeating them.

Construct a metaphorical flashlight you can take into a metaphorical cave and light up the dark a spot at a time. Then, when you're ready, turn on the light switch. The place is wired for light!

Oh, one other crucial thing to my practice which I have not mentioned is this. Get really impatient with unhappiness and choose to be happy. Choose it! Demand to be happy! Accept nothing less! Get fed up with unhappiness, and decide to quit the habit, and to practice learning to open to more and more happiness each day. This is all about taking responsibility for your happiness or unhappiness. If you don't assume responsibility, someone or something else will. Don't give them--or it--that power!

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