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Our living arrangements have changed a lot lately, so that's why the time is also split differently at different times. At the moment and during this summer I live in one city, JJ lives in another and rory lives in a third with her husband. I live 2 hours from rory and 7 hours from JJ. I spend about every other weekend with one of them and during the week I'm alone. Well, usually not really alone, but without my loves. When I'm with rory, she usually comes to my place and when I'm with JJ, I usually go to his place (which is actually my house too). Sometimes one of them comes to my place during the week as well, rory for a night after work because it's only 2 hours away, and JJ during his summer holiday for a longer period of time.

The living situation is going to change again in the autumn when I move back in with JJ and rory and her husband are moving further away from us. The plan is I'll be spending one week of every month at their place. The distance is so long that it's quite impossible to see more often, so I think that's a good solution for now. That kind of arrangement is possible because of my flexible job that I'll start in the autumn.

In the future I'm hoping that we could all live in the same city and close to each other. If all goes well and a lot of time has passed, then maybe even in the same house.
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