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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
I think of true monogamy as meaning you can't ever stop loving someone enough to find another person.
Hey Serial,

I clipped this small snippet but there's many others equally suitable strewn throughout your posts on this thread.

What I'm getting over here is that you may be seriously confused about the meanings/implications of monogamy, polyamory - and maybe even love !
Or insisting on creating your own definitions ?

I think this is why a number of readers are struggling to understand you and trying to explain some basics to you.

Relationships are not defined/classified by their duration.
I'm not sure "love" ever "stops" ,but evolves. When we've truly loved someone there's a part of them - that piece we did love - that we'll always love. But like we say in so many other places and topics - life (or people) is/are not static. We can well 'love' someone - i.e. wish them nothing but happiness and success in their life and contribute to that when we can, and still not be able to live with them or tolerate negative aspects they've taken on.

You seem to state that you are incapable of literally 'seeing' another person when you ...........'love' ? one person. You become blind to the external world of love potential. i.e. the very definition of a monogamous person.

That's perfectly fine. But not to be confused with polyamory.