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It varies with me. I do want to know *some* of what's going on, so that it's not a complete enigma as in he leaves the house and there's missing time until he gets back! But... I also have respect for other people's privacy and so I can see how someone he dates doesn't necessarily want him telling ME everything about them, and I certainly don't want my hubs telling certain things about me to anyone else.

I think hubs used to want to tell me everything... and he's learning that other people might not like that so much! With his latest relationship there was more talking than was probably good... and then a situation arose where I had to pull completely out of all involvement, so now I just hear bits and pieces and that's all and I'm ok with that.

I'm with Mohegan, though, in that I don't want to hear similarities I want to hear differences. I heard a podcast with Franklin Veaux a while back and he was talking about that... how he liked hearing the differences between himself and his partner's other partners because in those difference lies where YOU are unique to your partner. Those differences are why your partner loves YOU. They're good things...
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