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Default Hey I'm new

I've been dating a poly guy for nearly a year and a half with him being "out" for about 5 months. We're both 18 and new to it and I'm looking for people who are older and more experienced to help us out. The other forums I'm on have been pretty hostile.

I currently identify as a mono but I do not know if that will turn out to be a fixed alignment. I did have feelings for two other men while my boyfriend was dating another woman but I didn't think either of them were mature enough to be a secondary (it's a really big thing to ask of a high school aged guy). When I leave for college we'll transition into an open LDR, and I hope that will allow me to 'experiment' a little.

I also know, because of our youth and because we're going to colleges on opposite sides of the country, that he could easily find someone who leans more poly than me, I could find another mono, and we could break up amicably. Yet as it stands I can imagine a future with him even if we remain poly/mono.
18 y/o mono female with a poly boyfriend

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