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Originally Posted by Satisfiction View Post
I have recently admitted to my husband about the desire for polyamory. And ironically, also recently started attending church again after a 7 year absence.
Years ago, I dared to examine my interest in "nonmonogamy" before I knew the word "polyamory." I did this at the same time that I dared to examine my Christian beliefs deeply for the first time. I thought I was on two parallel tracks, and I too thought it was ironic, as well as bizarre, if not downright perverted.

I eventually learned that they were not two separate parallel tracks, but one integrated journey toward personal authenticity, a necessity of the spiritual search.

So it never surprises me a bit to hear people dealing with polyamory and church/religion/spiritual issues at the same time.

I would say I express my spiritual-self through Christianity, but not exclusively as there are elements of natural-world paganish tendencies in me to (as in I greet trees as equal beings and give them hugs).
My husband likes to call this Christo-Pagan. Have you ever visited a Unitarian Universalist congregation? They are generally Pagan-friendly, so a Christian can talk out loud about their Pagan interests and attend Pagan rituals as available.

This journey into polyamory is going to be an interesting one! And definitely something I will be keeping in the closet (unless directly asked) within the Christian community for now.
There are two UU groups I'd like to tell you about.

First is the group called UUs for Polyamory Awareness. Most UU ministers have heard of UUPA. I'm in leadership.

Second, is UU Christian Fellowship, for people with an interest in liberal Chrisitianty. I'm a member.

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