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Hehe. You know what, G2? I like you. You're intense, passionate, dedicated, and insecure enough to sabotage yourself without even realizing it. You're a lot like me. We'd get along just fine until we burned each other out with intensity

She loves you and G, but is different from you and G. She has different priorities, different life circumstances, and probably a different outlook. Otherwise you might not be so magically drawn to her. She expresses herself in different ways. Do you love her? Then learn Her. Be patient with her. Give her the space she needs to love you back in a way that she feels comfortable with. You may decide, over time, that it's not enough. If that's the case, it's okay, but it wouldn't be her fault. It would just be incompatibility.

The cool thing about the quad is that you don't have to have an all consuming focus on the other couple. It can be a support system, and sometimes that's all it can be. Lots of life to get in the way of focusing on relationship development. Please be patient. I swear, if there's anything I could change about me in our quad, it would be that I'd lower my expectations... not to give up, but to be realistic and compassionate.
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