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Originally Posted by transitapparent View Post of departure moved back. no longer 5 days, it's now closer to 2 weeks. bummed.
That bites, but is sadly typical. When Mr Panda came back they changed his return date so many times and he got caught in so many transportation problems along the way (civil wars that wouldn't allow for the planes to take off) that Panda didn't even know he was coming home until he called her from the airport when they finaly landed.

Karma and I are doing research on home ownership. We aren't looking to buy for a few years, but we've had several years of messing up our credit so we are being proactive and learning all we can so we are ready when the time comes.

My head is spinning with numbers and ideas. But we have learned from our parents mistakes and want to be smart about it. I never want to live paycheck to paycheck again. And soon we won't have to. Just gotta make sure we keep it that way.
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