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It has been a great evening yesterday. Lin's grandmother turned 74 and he went with his family to pay her a visit. (Yes, I know, family stuff again ) Main topic during the party? Right, Lin and his married girlfriend. And what I thought to be really priceless was the reaction of the grandmother. She went like “As long as he is happy, everything is fine. By the way, we got this kind of thing far more often when I was younger, I knew some who were living this way.” accompanied by the confirmatory nodding heads of her friends who like to come over for tea some days per week. And that the younger folks nowadays are so buttoned down and strait-laced and what not.

Lin went along and told them about us, I think he was happy to talk freely without having to hide anything. That is one point that worries him for his next visit here, but that's another story. They have a really small village community where he lives and everybody knows him and his family. He is sure that now, after those older ladies are in the picture, everyone will know what is going on. The only person still unsure what to think of the mess is his older sister, the others seem fine with it.

When he came home, we skyped and talked about what happened. And Sward teased him, that the old ladies had been too much for him, because he was obviously a bit squiffy.

Earlier that day Sward and I had looked for possibilities to move him to our region, what will be quite complicated if the presentation at the end of August isn't successful. We will have to rely on social contributions to help him move and that is always a lot of paper work. If we bring our project into being there won't be worries concerning finances for years. Kind of make-or-break situation. We will see how it goes.

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