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Oh, wait a minute. I just re-read Serial's post...

I think what he means is that since he feels he can't make a life-long commitment, he must be poly -- except for only being able to do that with one person at a time. If I am reading that correctly, it means that he has made the erroneous assumption that polyamorous relationships cannot be life-long.
Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
I don't see myself dating more than one person at a time, but I also don't see myself committing again to a life long relationship the way I did when I was married. So I guess it means I'm poly but can't handle more than one relationship at a time.
Yeah, and here he seems to say that a life-long partnership automatically means monogamy, as if polyamory could never be that:
Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
. . . when you commit to a potentially lifelong (monogamous) relationship . . .
Do I have this right, Serialmonogamist?
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