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I have always been interested in poly
but long term
it would be great to meet a bunch of women serially who were ok with me having a bunch of sex with a bunch of other women and coming back to have sex with them. Thing is i would want those women to be absolutley loyal and faithful to me. It would be fantastic if the women in my fantasy world would introduce me to their hot friends. Those friend would in turn become so infatuated with me that they too would only want to share their bodies and lives with me and only me.

I'm a pretty good lover btw

Now I have gotten older, I approach 50 now, only a couple years to go. Now my perfect situation has changed.

Now I am thinking that me and two bi women would be perfect. I bet that in the worlrd of poly relationships that coupling or tripling has a name.

I come home after a hard days work to find two women who love me and each other.

Lets call the first woman Joanie and the second Mary.

Joanie is cooking, she found a recipie she likes and likes to cook and is trying something new. I'll cook tommorow and am determined to "show her" cuz I think I am as good a cook, maybe even better. I'm thinking something seared like beef and doing something with some red wine. It's afreindly compitition she can cook her ass off and so can I.
still she can't touch my veggie sauces.

Mary is locked on the tv, she's pissed at something washington has done said, CNN is on the TV and FOX on the computer.

I get home and kiss both women hello. Not a passinate let's do it kiss, but just a kiss like the one mono people do.

One of us takes a shower getting ready for bed and one or both of the others are turned on with the on coming out of the shower dripping wet and either all three or two of the three just bang till we're tired.

can I have that???

written without edits
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