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Well another day is coming to a close and it was long. We got B's school books and materials and now I need to go and buy her basic school supplies soon. I will be spending the weekend rearranging the house to store her school stuff away from brother's little fingers and the art supplies away from both of them so that they don't get used when they shouldn't. M has another event tomorrow and N is heading off to a relative's house for the week to get a break.

She will be back next Sat until the 2nd and then she's going to FL to see her sweeties and see how they all do as a family unit with her and the kids in the same house and they've decided to add on a fourth member so they may be a polfi quad instead. I wish her luck. I guess that if I was bi like she is things would be easier but I'm just not. Oh well, we'll find the right guy when it's the right time.
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