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May I add all 4 of us put the other part of our lives on hold last couple months. Now we are having to try to balance our lives with our quad relationship(s). This is not easy and I know it means from time to time 1 or more of us may not get the time we feel we need and deserve. I'm not trying to down play Guilty2's feelings. He and I just have different views on this that comes from the difference in our personalities. It took me taking time out to stop and think about what i was asking her for and what I know from things she has said recently for me to realize, she's not trying to push me or us away she's just trying to figure out how to manage everything and everyone in her life and manage time for us. She texts a good bit because it let's her communicate with us while trying to do other things like study for her LSAT that's coming up and cook and tend to her son as well as manage other things. No text cant beat hearing her voice but to me its better than no communication at all.
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