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Yeah, we just saw a film on that in my psychopharmacology class a few months ago. While bipolar is actually kind of rare to see in children, many kids are being diagnosed with it and plied with all kinds of antipsychotics-- most of which have NEVER been tested or approved for use with children as they don't know what they do to the developing brain. Some can develop permanent tics like head tilts that never go away even after stopping the drugs.

ADHD can mimic a lot of other stuff. But frankly I'm seeing a lot of overdiagnosis. Hubs most likely is ADHD and his daughter is as well and is on meds (she doesn't live with us yet). My feeling is that meds MIGHT be needed but more likely her behavioral issues are due to her living situtation which is less than optimal. We'll see when she moves down what we're going to do.. but therapy for her and us as a family will be #1 on the list.
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