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My son's second psychiatrist (his first went to work in a school district) for ADHD decided, after spending a total of 15 minutes with him over 2 visits, that he was bipolar. This was only after finding out that Runic Wolf was bipolar. He said that kids with ADHD are most likely misdiagnosed because new research suggests that bipolar disorder in kids manifests differently than as adults. He wanted us to try antipsychotics on our 5 year old when he was having trouble sitting still in school and concentrating on his work with no other symptoms at all. We got a new doctor, who confirmed the original diagnosis of ADHD. We refused to medicate him for the ADHD until he was six and went with a low dose until he actually started needing it to pass his classes. Now he's going into middle school and is meeting his potential (he's above average intelligence) as long as he keeps taking his meds.
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