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A good week mostly, though I have some wierd summer cold? Mostly it's just a cough... I've had it since I got back from D.C. on and off. I think it has something to do with the weather changes because I've been going back and forth from 60 in my office to high 90s/100 at home for two weeks. Ick. The cough has been there, and then gone... mostly just like dry throat feeling... and then yesterday blyeah... feel ICKY.

Anyway, was going to go to yoga tonight, but no way that will work. Instead, picking up a couple of movies and heading home. Going to take a nice long shower, put on comfy clothes and curl up on the couch and watch a movie or two with the kids and hopefully go to bed EARLY. Drink some ginger tea, take some vitamin C and sleep.

I had a date on Wednesday. I didn't say anything ahead of time because I just wanted to see where it would go. It was OK. We seemed to hit it off, but then there just wasn't any chemistry there "romantically". I most likely rushed into it thinking what the heck and take a chance-- but it just didn't pan out like I would have liked. That's okay though, I learned a few things about myself-- one of which is I need to stop "trying" to get something going and just be open to it and get out of the house more. I need to meet people in person and see if there's chemistry, or not, or not focus on it but just be aware and open to it. Lesson learned. I think I was just eager to meet someone because I'm a bit lonely, have time on my hands and -- to be honest-- am tired of going months without sex. :-(

Anywho.. I'm just gonna have to deal with that, and let things happen a bit more naturally. But... that does require I get out of the house, LOL, I'm not gonna meet anybody new there! I'll work on it...

For now, this weekend I'm gonna focus on getting healthy and doing some homework as next week is my last week in this class. Yay! Then, I only really have 3-4 weeks until hubs gets home, so much to do!

We got to chat on the phone a bit before my class yesterday which went well. I told him about the date, he told me how it went for him... good stuff really. Mostly I think we both realized how much we love each other and need to reinforce that thought out loud a LOT more often, something that has been the overwhelming message taken away from this deployment. I think we are so much stronger than we were as a couple, and getting stronger independently as well. All good stuff.

Talked a little about the GF, went well. Offered some advice when asked, and am mostly pretty even-keeled about the whole thing. I try to be supportive when asked and non-intrusive the rest of the time. Hopefully I'm mostly successful! As I've been told here before, it's not my relationship. True that.

Okay, thank goodness it's friday. Another hour or so and I can run.
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