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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
At first my husband struggled with my NRE for my BF. He desperately needed me to show him more affection, while I was overwhelmed with new emotions for my BF. Husband became more demanding; I felt pressured to "prove" my love for him. Then I felt like my displays of affection for my husband were forced, obligatory, and fake. I find it really hard to love on demand -- and the freedom I was experiencing with my BF made it all the more difficult. The best remedy? TIME. Over time, the NRE does settle down. It's much, much better now. (We opened up last October). Hang in there!
Thank you for responding.

You're probably right about the time issue. We've got two weeks to wait before any kind of physical intimacy will be possible. (She had a medical procedure today that precludes such activity for awhile.)

You also hit the nail on the head about her feeling pressured to "prove" her love. She said the same exact thing to me two nights ago.

Maybe I am being demanding on her. But at the same time, I can't just let the issue go and have her develop the belief that everything that has happened over the past week is okay and not causing an issue.

I will have to talk with her about this sometime after she has recovered sufficiently from her procedure today. Maybe Sunday or Monday. I don't know yet.

I must say that I am happy to read a response from someone who was in the same situation that I am in now, especially when that person can see it from the other side.

Thank you.
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