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WHat stuck out for me is where it says "we will be attentive to each other AFTERWARD."

I think you should amend that to "all the time" or "in general" because it's unrealistic to always expect each other to be in a certain mood at a particular time. Maybe she's not in the MOOD "afterward" but is "beforehand" or whenever. I think that "afterward" puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on both of you to "perform" for each other.

And what mono said about not having the bf overnight at your place is not a bad idea either. It doesn't have to be a permanent thing , it can be revisited, but you can say now that you tried it that you're not ready yet.

I also think the rule about not doing things with other people that you haven't done with each other is kind of silly. What do you do, stop in the middle of sex and say "i can't do that until i do it witb him/her. ". Then go back to your partner and say "so and so tried XYZ on me so can we do that so i can do it with other people?"

I know it doesn't really play out like this in real life but that's the sort of thing my mind comes up with whenever i hear that rule.
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