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B is going into full-time Kinder this year. We are very excited. The VA provides 90% of everything that she needs including the art and science supplies. The only thing we have to supply are the basic school supplies and common household items and some books that we can get at the library. They will also place her in the right levels for math and reading/language arts. Since she is already reading,writing and adding, subtracting, etc., we think that she will place out of K for those two subjects.

The other cool thing about this particular curriculum is that it is mastery based for K-8 so she can move ahead at her own pace in all subjects. I don't want to put the name of the VA or the curriculum since these forums are searchable and I wouldn't want someone searching for them to stumble across this blog.

As to our search for the one, I guess that I just need to learn patience. Although, at the age of almost 30, it might be hard to change that trait, lol. I guess that I just got excited that it was so easy to find D and that he and M had so much in common that I was blinded to the problems. He contacted us and seemed so right.

Then, he said he wasn't ready emotionally and so we discussed having playtime NSA for awhile and he didn't mention any problems for the next week until Wed when he informed me he wasn't coming, that he couldn't do NSA after all. That upset me because if he hadn't led me to believe that he could, I wouldn't have continued down that path with him. I could have done just friends before that week of sharing and messaging and apparently growing more and more attached to the idea of him in my life in a different capacity.

Oh well, I need to move on and realize that it was better to truly know he wasn't the one even just for playtime with us and possibly more in the future.
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