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Originally Posted by serialmonogamist View Post
In my experience, many women are interested in dating to find a life companion to grow old with. As a divorced person, I question my ability and desire to commit to life long companionship again. When I am honest about this with potential dating partners, they seem to take it as giving up on the relationship before it begins.
I'm someone whose interested in dating to find a life companion to grow old with. I appreciate it when a guy lets me know upfront that's not an interest of his. I don't see it as giving up on a relationship before it begins. Frankly, I don't care why he's not interested in a life long commitment anymore than I feel the need to explain or justify why I am. So, as you noted....why should or would either of us want to waste time when what we want is different and opposite??!! Yes, you or I may lose some potential dates based on either of our stances. But, it wouldn't be a good match to start with because of that basic difference. For me, being polyamorous could make a difference, because as long as I had a primary partner who wanted a long term committed relationship with me, I might be open to having someone else in my life who wanted a more casual "dating" relationship.

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