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Well, another day has gone by and we aren't much closer on our journey into the poly world. I know that you shouldn't rush things but it feels like I failed myself by pushing my square peg too hard into D's round hole of a life.

M has been super busy the past year or so and I am lonely. I am hoping that with finally exploring my poly side that I can find someone to connect with that M gets along with and possibly also connects with.

I hope that eventually, we can get to a point that when M is gone a lot the new guy can help me by giving me adult interaction, love and cuddles and of course adult play time. That when M is home, we can all interact and enjoy time spent together.

B has what is either ringworm or a bad spider bite, I will know better tomorrow. I hope that whatever it is that it heals quickly and that she doesn't get too sick from it. Q is hilarious and frustrating. Tonight, M had an event to attend and Q kept coming up to me and saying, "Mommy, my need to talk to you por a min," me..."what do you need budbud?" him..."When is my daddy coming home and is he coming in his twuck? Whewe is his twuck?", lol. That went on for an hour.

Well, I will keep this updated as we continue on.
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