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Default This is so weird but also exciting lol

Well, in the mean time of us finding a girlfriend for J, he would really like for me to step outside of my comfort zone and try either a spouse swap with a couple or a threesome (me with him and another guy or him with me and another girl) or me with another guy and him watching or him with another girl and me watching. I do want this too. We've been talking for quite a while now about doing something like this, but it has really become more realistic over the past few weeks. So, last night I made a post on CL looking for a MF couple or a girl that is interested in helping us fulfill some of these fantasies just for fun, NSA lol.

We've had a few replies already, two couples are possibilities but we're still receiving emails so we're waiting to have more options to choose from. In the meantime, a guy has contacted us (even though I didn't post about looking for just a single guy) about either him watching us or hubby watching he and I. He was nice enough to include pictures and he is quite attractive. So, I replied nicely back that we are really looking for a couple or a female, but also included a partial picture of me (no face in the pic) as a way of saying thank you for being kind enough to include pics in your email as we had requested. He immediately replied back with, "Sure your not up for watching me or watching you or both?" I replied back to him that I would discuss it with J to see how he felt (I'm pretty sure I already know his answer because he's already said that he would like to do this at some point). I also let him know that we are new to all of this and that this is especially new to me because I have only been with my husband ever in my life.

His reply:

")...thanks for sharing...on my end i am into quality and sensuality as well as tease...watching each other could be a great entry into this whole thiing"

Thoughts?? I'm thinking that he may have a point in that him watching us could be a slightly less stressful way to introduce myself to more adventures instead of just jumping in head first to a spouse swap or a threesome. This would also give J an opportunity to see how he feels about me being with another guy (if we decide to go that way). He says that he would like to think that he'd be okay with that, but I've never been interested in another guy or desired another guy before, so it's all new. I think that it could stir up a lot of emotions in J that he didn't realize were there. It's one thing for him to have extra relationships because that's just who he is and has always been. It's a whole different ballgame if I were to start having other relationships because it's territory we've never been in before.

Sorry for the ramble. Just trying to sort my thoughts.
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