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Default What is marriage to US?! A very good start.

Last night as you can tell from this post I was in deep thought and dealing with life mode. Jewell was doing something that keeps us strong. She was teasing a wound of mine open. When one heals a cut, or a broken bone sometimes it has be reopened or re-broken to heal right. When it comes to healing each other the same rules apply. We gently open wounds for discussion. We re-break , re-structure ourselves all the time. Finally she called me sister again in a comment somewhere around cuddling with me. I snapped a remark that sisters is all we were anymore and rolled over stiffly nose touching wall.

The morning routine. I fed all hungry stomachs, and got the kids in their own space. Jewell had gone back to rest from a bad sunburn, and a couple pulled muscles. I crawled in bed.Communication is the cleaning of wounds. Communication is our key. We hold nothing back. Somehow Jewell derailed onto the topic of what is marriage, and could it be without sex? I responded that marriage is what we us as one chose to make it. I went on to state that from watching other relationships die fast as a summer flower that one couldn't rely on the other to meet every single need, and be solely responsible for making the other one happy. Happiness comes from within mostly. She commended me for realizing my needs and getting them met in a honest and loving fashion instead of tearing the whole family apart like his last ex did.

So we sat for a while in quiet. What is marriage to US? Jewel said it is companionship, and someone to dream with. Someone with a common goal, and someone that can work as one on projects. Someone to relate to, and enjoy life with. I didn't have much to add except that it was some one to be playful with, and cuddle, a safe haven, and a strong force .

She understands more than I was giving credit for. From it I could also tell that I would have no problem opening up the discussion on finding another bf. Thatís going to be a definite go if something happens between Lover and I. I am sure nothing will happen, but I feel better knowing that.
I make the letter V. I am married to my wife Jewel (MtoF) for 8 years. Adopted into our family is my Sextoy/SSO (Straight Male).--Not living together.
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