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Default crazy day...some frustration

Looking to buy some getaway property. Talking to the hubs about it today. Not too far from home, but out of the city and user friendly even when the cost of gas skyrockets! Crossing fingers.

Also doing some fundraising for my son's track team. They are travelling to national finals and some of the kids need some $$ to make it happen for them. I am beyond annoyed with some of the parents of these kids.

Also fighting the usual issues of privacy, compatibility and resentment. It is easing a bit but about an hour ago I was wound up! Time and place for everything and picking my battles isn't always easy.

On more positive notes: I got to spend some time with 2Rings and KT's son- KT had errands and a play to attend with daughter, and 2Rings had a work meeting so I was chosen babysitter! First time. Had a blast and saw the Harry Potter movie in 3D! Also took him to climb a faux rock formation at REI. 2Rings met us after the meeting and climbed the formation too...I was impressed!

Also, 2Rings told his brother about us! Yea!!! The test of adjustment will be when we run into a ton of people next week at a pretty big concert. A little nervous. My sister will be there, his brother and other family members of mine. I think some people from work. College friends. Some friends of 2Rings. Not all going together but I am sure we will run into them. Should be an interesting day to say the least. Lots of puzzled looks I am sure. We won't be demonstrative but I am sure people will question the pairing for the concert tix!LOL!

Well I have to work late tonight 11p to 7a...ugh!!!
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