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Got a big check-up with a doctor since I hadn't gone in years. Also had some bloodwork done. It's all normal range except my good cholesterol which is a bit low at 0.42g/L when the minimum is 0.45g/L.
My TSH is perfectly normal and so is my iron, which is good because I stopped taking my thyroid medication two years ago, which was pretty stupid, and hadn't gone back to a doctor since because I was abroad. As for the iron it was too low, and then I got a copper IUD and became vegetarian, both of which I had been told would lower my iron, so I expected it to be at an all-time low, and instead it's ten times what it used to be.

Other tests included liver and kidney stuff and bloodcell count and size and all were normal too.

It's really good because that means not having to take along meds when I go see Seamus, and not having to limit the amount of time I can spend based on how much medication I'm allowed to purchase all at once. Of course being healthy is also generally good.
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