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Default life long commitment

In my experience, many women are interested in dating to find a life companion to grow old with. As a divorced person, I question my ability and desire to commit to life long companionship again. When I am honest about this with potential dating partners, they seem to take it as giving up on the relationship before it begins. I don't want to use women or waste their time and energy in pursuit of a life long companion, but that seems to be practically inevitable in monogamy if one is not willing to commit and exclude the potential of becoming interested in new people. I am curious what polyamorists would have to say about this issue. Can you identify enough with monogamy to understand why some people want exclusive, committed relationships and, if so, can you think of any way to respect this without committing to sacrificing all other potential relationships for as long as you honor the commitment (without cheating)? I.e. is polyamory the only way to be honest without hurting feelings? BTW, no need to explain that some people are naturally monogamous because I've heard that enough and I don't really believe it anyway (otherwise serial monogamy wouldn't be possible, imo).