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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
It almost sounds like he is hoping you WILL fall in love with someone else and leave him, kind of like a passive way of escaping his problems and his responsibilities in life. He doesn't have to do it this way! He is scared. I think he's afraid he can't make you happy and he can't take care of his family the way he would like. Financial fears are real, I get that, but it sounds like he is frightened of intimacy, as well.
This is something I have said to him. As far as him hoping I will. Then he tries to hold on tighter and say thats not it. But yet has said I should get the divorce and find someone else.. How is this not confusing???He says Im right he did say all of that and more and he doesnt want me to leave but at same time doesnt know what he wants. In the end it seems it falls back to me to make the peace. To let go. To do whatever it takes to please him. I love him. But Im feeling pretty numb to the whole situation right now. Whether he regrets opening up the relationship, that the fact all the fantasys in his mind became reality and he freaked or not..(which is Im sure a great portion of it too) Im being yanked back and forth. And its frustrating when I have no clue what to do because hes contradicting himself with each sentence.
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