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Originally Posted by Esperanza View Post
Thank you for the info. My friend tried to have an IUD inside her for several months and she loved it but then she had serious issues with it and she had to have it removed, and afterwards she was told by a doctor she wasn't supposed to have an IUD in unless she'd had a recent full term pregnancy/birth. But I guess that's just an individual experience, apparently, and it was the 5 years IUD. Anyway, that was where I got my inaccurate info from. Thanks for setting me straight.
No worries. If you want to try an IUD but are worried about such things happening with you, you can have a doctor measure your womb to see which size would work for you, or if it is too small for IUDs altogether. Which is possible (and possibly what happened to your friend), but not the norm for women who haven't had children.
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