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Originally Posted by sage View Post
"Are there more issues than just polyamory involved? What about security, companionship, and simplicity? Are they missing too?" - No, I feel very secure in my relationship, we live simply and are best, best friends. My problems are around depth of relationship and feeling. There is something disturbing for me in being totally invested emotionally when my partner is not because he also loves someone else.
I was talking to someone about having multiple relationships and we both seemed to reach the conclusion that it's so much complexity to deal with that monogamy is just simpler. Also, when you know that someone else prefers the simplicity of monogamy, it is hard not to worry that they will choose to simplify their love life by choosing someone else and dispensing with you. Christianity, however, is very explicit about divorce being hard-hearted and unforgiving. So if you apply that in a practical sense, it could almost mandate polyamory by telling you that even though someone else committed adultry, you should forgive them and love them. The bible says you MAY divorce in cases of adultery, but it doesn't say you MUST, as far as I know. Considering that Christianity is so focused on forgiveness and loving enemies, I think polyamory would be preferred to divorce, but maybe this is a far sought interpretation idk.
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