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Well, apparently, my post has upset D and so he said he no longer needs a couple of days. I guess he took my venting as portraying him as an asshole which I guess I can see but wasn't my intention.

He did tell me he might not be ready but I asked him to try so he kept on even though he was still having a hard time. I wish that after that first time and he felt that way that when I asked him to try he would have just said no and ended it then.

I thought that I could just be friends with him as a like minded person if he truly didn't have an interest but i got more attached than i realized and i just can't do that and be fair to any of us.

He says that he was trying not to dwell on it so,that he could try to get to a place to move forward since that is what I seemed to want which is true. I did, however, tell him on more than one occasion that if he felt he couldn't so it to tell me and he kept on keeping on all the while telling me that he was coming over tonight for talking and play time.

Of course, I was disappointed today when found out that he was not coming for sure. I needed to vent and start putting up walls in preparation of rejection. I was honest with him before starting this thread that sometimes I would be venting on here and that if he read anything that he didn't like to come to me and ask about it. Instead, I think that he grasped at what I wrote as the catalyst to do what he wanted and needed to do anyway, end it with me before we went any further.

I can respect that but it doesn't make the last two weeks disappear. I guess that I am making rookie mistakes. I will you guys know how things go on our journey to add more love to our lives.
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