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I have thought of that too. And even suggested it at one time. But got the I dont need a stranger telling me how to feel. And he doesnt think things are as bad as I portray them. Then again hes not the one getting his head bit off either...

With all the problems some have in marriage I know ours isnt that bad. But I get tired of my emotions getting yanked around. And having no ideas as of WHY. I get tired of being treated like I am the one thats wrong. Especially in this situation. It took me a year to open myself up to a possibility that I was very open to as a much younger person before marriage. Its like do I stop and stiffle myself now that after all the encouraging hes now undecided please him. Or continue and see where things go? I keep hoping when his work hours go back to normal (which should be in a couple weeks) and we have more time together as a couple the stress will lessen. I would understand right now if he said he wants the time hes home for me to be here(now if he would just SAY THAT ) but he hasnt. Hes encouraged me to go out but the next day is hateful.

Guess Im really just unsure where to go with him. Because I have kids it makes it hard to pack up and go because Im not happy with the way things are. Plus I really dont like running off from issues. And well 12 years later.. We have been through lots of things lol. Im just trying to figure out whats going on when hes not saying. And exactly what can I do to make it better. Frustrated. I love him, want things to work. Just have no idea as to how to make it work with the bullheaded part of him lol.
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