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We've already discussed just about everything in that quote together lol. We may not be able to meet face to face right now, but we do all still talk on a daily basis.

Actually, comparing that list to how we relate with D now, it really isn't much different, except with her being J's girlfriend lol. She has lived with us in the past and could possibly live with us again (ultimate goal would be to find a house with a garage apartment or something so she still had her independence). She has gone on vacations and trips with us on several occasions already, so that part is nothing new and would just continue. We're actually looking to go on a family cruise for Christmas this year and D would be invited to join us. Which, even if she were to decide not to move forward with poly and just remain friends, she would probably still be invited to go with us. That's just how we all are together.

When we live close together (or in the same house), we do everything together, the three of us, and do a lot together with our boys included. While we have lived apart (us here in OK and D in TX), we have dreamed and planned on things to do together once we move close to each other again (that's always been in the plans, we can't stand living away from each other).
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