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My wife and I are looking at moving to Portland or Seattle and are currently mired in KC. So, yeah, I can understand kicking yourself over getting stuck in Denver instead of going on to Portland!

Interestingly, we had planned to move out west with my former girlfriend and merge households as part of that move. She decided last September that she "isn't poly anything" and broke off the relationship. Last month she said she still wanted to move with us and share a house, though. (She and I have a 12 yo daughter together).

And we have friends who are planning a move to southern CA and want us to move there to be close to them. And others who have long wanted to move to Seattle.

So, we have lots of interest in moving west before too long--and longing to escape Kansas is only part of it! Neither of us is from here--we both arrived with former spouses--and have no strong ties to keep us here.
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