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Hey, just wanted to respond quickly to you, Carma. In my experience, sex without love can be a wonderful thing! I've had sexual friendships in the past that were just that and nothing more, and I wouldn't have missed out on some of them for the world! Nobody has to be using anybody as long as the people involved are honest, respectful, and kind in their interactions. If one person does feel more than the other (I have this situation now with my metamour... I love him, he is happy with just friendship and sex) it's up to that person to decide whether the situation is healthy for them or not. That's not to say the person who feels less has no responsibility -- they should step back from the situation if they see that the other person is hurting or not thinking clearly. But don't assume that sex w/o love is always unbalanced or that even if things are unbalanced that that means it's damaging.
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