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Unhappy Dealing with it...

So my wife and I are not new to Poly but we are also not veterans at it.

We have both previously had the same girlfriend.

Now she has gone and my wife has a boyfriend, they spent the night together the other night and I really did not handle it well. She has asked to spend the night again this week and I am not very happy about that either.

My problem appears to be that while I am happy for her to have someone I am upset that I have no one and so I have to spend my time on my own looking after the kids. For some reason I think this would be a whole lot simpler if I had someone as well. I am jealous that she has a relationship with someone and I do not.

I also know I am jealous that she is able to even find a partner when all my attempts fail, while one-nighters are achievable it is not what I am looking for. Every time I bring up the whole poly thing with someone I have come to like and would be interested in pursuing a relationship with they freak out.

I know it sounds stereo-typical but woman seem to have it much easier than men in the poly scene.

I also don't really want to meet or socialise with my wives new partner, now I read that this is a big "don't" but I do not really understand why. Why do I need to meet him? What am I missing?
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