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I understand where ya'll are coming from, I really do. But, she has lived with us in the past already, just as a roommate and good friend. We all had a blast!

Like I said, we're hoping to move to her school town so that she doesn't have to look at transferring schools. She would still live with us, because that was in the plans already, before the job offers came in. She has been booted from the dorms because of a goof in the admin office, but she can't afford an apartment on her own. The school is willing to pay a small monthly rate if she can find a room to rent for this next school year. After that, she's on her own. So, we figure it would just be nice to be able to supply a room for her. If she does transfer schools so J can live closer to his work, then either she'll live with us until she can find a job and a place or she'll be in the dorms nearby.
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