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Well, D is not coming over tonight. He is going to take a couple of days and think and decide if he really wants to try with us or not. I am willing to be hurt if he is willing to try as there are never guarantees in life and especially love.

However, if he just wants to chat with me and exchange naughty words and pictures and set up future meetings that he will then back out of like tonight, I want a clean break.

We have too much chemistry and I don't think that I can be "just friends" with someone when there is this much chemistry as evidenced on our first meet up and never be able to act on it. It's too hard and not fair to me.

He agrees with me but has asked for a few days where we both think things over. I have let him know that the ball is in his court. If he is wiling to try to make things work then I am all in but if he just can't then a clean break is best for all of us especially considering we both have 2 small children to think of in addition to his wife.
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