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Default patience and pacing :)

Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Adjusting to a new relationship is also tough. Why combine the two? Seems like a recipe for disaster, especially since you've not had the benefit of previous poly relationships to foresee stumbling points that are a natural part of the process.
Let's be honest here people. We have seen lots people floating on a cloud of NRE rush into this very situation....most have failed. Things happen behind the scenes of the forum and when they are negative, they are often not shared.

One step at a time my friend, slow down. it sounds like you could be off to a good start but this is just the start. She's offering to make possible changes in her life that could have a big impact on her academic development. Why not see if the relationship works at all before jumping into something with both feet and finding out it doesn't work.

I know you are very excited about this and that is great, but expect that you will have to go through some stuff you didn't count on.

This is a very exciting time for you...just breath and have patience

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