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Default New to this lovin' adventure


I'm new here, new to the word Polyarmory but not new to the feeling. Glad I've finally found a way to describing what I feel and hopefully now I can find a way to deal with it in an open way.

Currently living with my fiancÚ and "secundary" partner, and my daughter, my fiance and I are now considering if we want to scrap the whole first and second thing and all be one, one bed, one family, one etc. I also have a secundary long distance relationship which is non sexual

My fiancÚ and I had an open relationship from the start, I've always had the strange feeling that whilst I could be commited to a person, I wasn't sure I could commit to just one person.

All from the Netherlands, and in a country which is supposed to be known for their openess polyarmory is still a hesitant subject. Hoping to be learning from here!
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