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Originally Posted by sage View Post
I'll go and dig my bible out of the basement and check out Romans.
Google it - way faster and you can even switch between like a 100 different versions.

I think I have a really confused and difficult relationship with Christianity and the bible.
Funny thing, when I was trying to find excuses to abandon Christianity and the God of the Bible, I spent alot of time reading the Bible. I came to quite a few conclusions for myself that aren't real popular with most Christians and especially my mother. The real funny thing is that my brother and I came to nearly the same conclusions and views independently.

The "be as little children" I hadn't thought of in relation to polyamory, because seriously committed adult love relationships aren't something that a child experiences. I think of it more in their ability to live in the present.
I wasn't strictly refering to Poly either, but they are more open to love in all forms and can also return it (they don't care about color, race, religon, gender, if you walk with a limp, etc), they are also open to actually listening and learning to what God wants them to hear instead of what man thinks God wants.
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