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We've been part of a quad relationship for approximately three years, though it's only really felt solid for a year and a half. We met as swingers. Technically, I guess, we all still are, though neither side seeks outside partners actively. It's a long distance quad. They are not out to their family, while we are (at least to the closest members). Some of their closest friends are aware of the relationship though, so they don't entirely hide us.

I wish I could say it's been totally wonderful, but the relationship is continuously challenging. It's more like a continuous flux, punctuated by short bursts of magic. The relationship is important to all of us, but we do not all focus on it the same way. The planning of time together has been a strange journey. Energy and interest levels wax and wane depending on life circumstances.

I wish you luck in your search. It was an accidental development for us.
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