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Originally Posted by sage View Post
There is definitely a connection in my head between polyamory and God not co-habiting comfortably. It isn't to do with sin, or historical rules but more that it seems to be one of what I'll call "The big Suggstions" that most people who live their lives from a Christian platform adhere to. Other "Big Suggestions" are things like, "As you sow shall you reap"; the whole thing about idols and money;
Remember, the "Big Suggestions" are man's rules/suggestions not God's. If God does not strickly forbid it, it's not wrong. Man has a habit of feeling the need for more rules and regulations in order to "feel" holy or righteous and therefore invents his own version of what he thinks God SHOULD have written.

"Be as little children" etc. I believe in these premises because I have observed them work out well more often than not. I've noticed that when I apply them to my life it goes much better. Remember this is purely my philosophy.
Children don't have the same hang ups about how many people or even who they are allowed to love like as most of us adults have.

Check out Romans 14, read it, then substitue other things for "eat". The verse is not about food, but any man made ritual or restriction. I keep coming back to this verse in my own life when I find myself judging other Christians and their beliefs.
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