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oh so cute!! difficult, but cute.

I have two cats. One, Trevor, I have had for 12 years and I was his girlfriend... I met my husband and he was angry for a good time and whiny! Then we had our son and he was even more pissed off, so we got him a girlfriend, Geogria. He was okay with that and certainly loves her, but I am still his primary. Georgia chose my husband as her primary. Neither of them are into our boy, but they tolerate.... low on the compersion so to speak....

Now that we have Mono in our lives have decided that he is their primary and fight over him! The other night they had a huge fight while we were asleep and I had to shoo them out of the room. I told them both if they couldn't behave and share him then they were not allowed in.... I shut the door and went back to bed. A couple of hours later Trevor sheepishly scratched to come back in and slept on the bed all night.... I guess he won the fight for that night
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