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B and I are in a quad. We are still in dating stages. We stumbled into this by accident to be honest. We were planning to swing with the couple and through talking it quickly became more on all parts before swinging ever even happened. We have had our moments because honestly this is new to all of us. Time management is a big issue due to one member of our quads job having him gone 3-4 weeks at a time. Plus we have children. B and I have 2. While our other half has 1. B and S are close like siblings. While I have a relationship with B,S, and A. A has relationships with me, S and B and well you get the idea. It has been far from easy but so worth the effort. Knowing we each have the others there that all love us if and when we need them is the most amazing feeling in the world. When we all happen to be on the same page with no issues its even better. At this time we do not live together but are looking at that possibility in the future. I have never been happier than I am in this quad even with all the stress it has us all under. We are figuring out a lot as we go and have struggled through some serious growing pains that have almost caused us to split. Thing is none of us can walk away from this. We all have so much in common Its almost scary and the whole cosmic connection as we call it is. Crazy and scary also. Whatever 1 of us is feeling we all feel it phyically, mentally, and emotionally. That keeps us honest and open with each other because we cant hide anything from the others. Ever had a relationship where you finish each others sentences or had the other person call and ask why your mad or upset? Yea, try having 3 others call almost all at the same time cause they feel your anger or whatever or them all finish your sebteance in unison. It's crazy scary and amazing all at once.
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