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Originally Posted by NotInventedHere View Post
Telling her I intend to be sexually promiscuous is a surefire to destroy every chance of what might be a fantastic relationship. (
Well...ya! That terminology might be a bit much. Much more sage people will come along with good advice, but I'll throw in my two cents.

Is it that you want to be sexually promiscuous, or that you'd like to be open to having other partners? Do you want one night stands, friends with benefits, or occasional romps with long distance partners when you're in their neck of the woods? All of the above? How do you see your choice of living fitting in with a monogamous partner? Are there compromises you might be willing to make if she makes a compromise about what she is comfortable with?

If you have a better idea of what your wants and needs are, I am sure you can couch them in a way that is true to what you want, but doesn't automatically scare off this person. But no, never would I suggest lying. Think how you'd feel a few years down the line if this person who you thought you might be able to have everything with, finds out you have lied to her? You probably lose her, lose some integrity, and won't really like yourself anymore. Better to be honest with her (in small steps if you need to, before you do anything you'll regret) in my opinion. If you end up having to part ways, at least if sometime in the future she changes her mind about relationship styles, she might be willing to look you up again.
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