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My name comes from the moniker I use in my Non Profit Org. It is a name that is made up to be used as a character for a blog that goes along with my Org. It actually has to do with superman but with it just being CLariceK and not the entire name I use on FB (because that would just be too easy to match up from the org to here which is why I would never mention it here so as to not have it ever show up in a google search) I am not open on FB because of this. It makes me quite sad that I am "friends" with SluttyUnicorn but cannot post openly how much I love her. My marital status on FB is "its complicated" as is "DaJoshy's"

I appreciate this forum because here I AM able to post about my love for her and about our family instead of her having to be a "friend" who moved in with us.
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