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I have considered that, but after taking 40MG of Haldol at a pop, and the voices still being there and my doctor saying "40 MG of haldol would down a horse, what are you doing calling me about being manic" I kinda decided that I needed to either come to decide that they are there to stay (they do get more persistent and loud depending on my mental state, in a big way they are kinda an alarm to me and my therapist that something is really amiss in my world.) As long as they are at a conversational volume and not screaming I allow them to have their say within boundaries, they are not allowed to bother me while I am doing school work or in school, as well as other "rules". Recently it has kinda become a interesting thought about their existence being a "polyamourous" relationship I am carrying ut within myself with others who reside within myself. I know this sounds like totally off the wall, especially coming from someone at the level of education I have, but it is the best interpretation of them I have come to yet.
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