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Well, I'm 5'4 1/2" (yes, I cling to that half inch, I'm the shortest one in my family and my boys are about to outgrow me lol). 118 lbs. Caucasian, but am 1/4 Cherokee (so I tan wonderfully!!), green eyes with dark green rims around the inner color (I absolutely adore my eyes, favorite feature!), shoulder length brown hair with naturally red highlights. I have big feet for my height and long legs. C cup (we are describing, right?) with an ass that hubby just adores and I catch guys staring at all the time.

Random fact, I go camondo at hubby's request and have both nipples pierced. One tattoo, on my right outer ankle, it's a Longhorn filled in with burnt orange HOOK 'EM!! Ummmm, I think that just about covers it.
Married 12 1/2 years. Female. Straight. New to poly.
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