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Originally Posted by sage View Post
...AA. This involves a 12 step programme where you search out a relationship with "A God of your understanding'. I have searched all my life for such a relationship through both christianity and more new age philosophies but never found it to the extent I have through AA.
This is interesting. Are you willing to say more?

I had a fascinating conversation with an atheist a week or two ago, in which he and I understood each other on a point of faith for the first time. I've been working on finding a way to understand at least a little the atheist approach for over ten years now, and finally got somewhere in this conversation.

So now I'm all interested in hearing about other people's new experiences.

The further I get into the programme the more difficulty I seem to have accepting being in a committed relationship with someone polyamorous.
Why do you think that is? Is the programme freeing you to express what you want to express? Or is the programme leading you to express what the programme wants you to express? Is this something you want to talk about?

My daughter, who is very christian tells me this is because the concept of polyamory is not of God (her God anyway).
I'm very Christian too. I'm also very poly. Someone once asked me to reconcile my open marriage with Scripture -- I had written about open marriage before I learened the word polyamory. May I email my response to you?

A God of my understanding is impossible to explain but does not have such prejudices. He does however want me to be happy and I'm wondering if the way this is manifesting is an indication that this relationship is perhaps not the best platform for my peace and happiness moving forward.
Are there more issues than just polyamory involved? What about security, companionship, and simplicity? Are they missing too?

I have these thoughts on one hand and on the other I think that this is just me battling my ego.
Jacob wrestled with the angel. Judaism, I'm told, has a tradition of wrestling with the Scriptures to figure out what them mean. Battling is part of deep soul searching.

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